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Services for Small Business Owners

As a former small business owner, Harvey Alberg understands the many financial questions business owners face.Working with small business owners in the greater Boston area, Harvey can help clients determine appropriate retirement plan programs, as well as offer guidance regarding succession and buy/sell strategies.

Retirement Strategies

Offering a retirement package is a great way for employers to retain key employees. However, some business owners haven’t done so because they aren’t sure how to start or what to look for. Harvey can assist small business owners determine 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plans that benefit both the employer and employees. He can offer guidance and answer common questions small business owners and their employees may have, like program costs, how much money employers and employees can contribute, and how to avoid hidden fees.

Succession Strategies

Eventually, all small business owners will transfer their business to someone else. Whether a client wishes to sell their interest or is leaving the business to a family member upon retirement, it’s critical that the business owner has a succession plan and exit strategy in place ahead of time. Harvey assists clients with formalizing their goals and objectives, including when they want to transfer their business and how they intend to do so. He seeks to help clients determine a tax-efficient method of business succession and can work with clients’ tax and legal professionals throughout the succession strategy process.

Buy and Sell Strategies

All business owners, whether they own or co-own their business, should have a plan in the case of an unexpected death. Buy-sell agreements can help protect a business owner and his business from unintended ownership transfers and protect the heirs by offering them the chance to turn shares into cash. Harvey can offer advice on buy-sell agreements and can provide referrals to attorneys who can help determine the right type and draft the agreement.