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The Truth About Harvey Alberg: My Story

| December 08, 2014
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I believe in standing up for myself when necessary. Over the past several years, I have been the victim of cyberbullying online arising out of my volunteer work with the non-profit Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., an award-winning public-access television station in Medford, Massachusetts. During my time there, Joseph Viglione was a writer and producer of cable programming. Eventually, his relationship with the station soured, and he was banned for multiple violations of policies and procedures. When he reapplied for a job years later, he was not hired.

Soon after this event, he commenced a harmful campaign of electronic publications composed of defamatory remarks directed against managers associated with the Station, our families, and our businesses. Predictably, several of Mr. Viglione's victims brought suit for libel. In Natalia v. Viglione, Middlesex Superior Court, C.A. No. 2008-1536, Judge Wren characterized Mr. Viglione's utterances as "juvenile in their presentation and [...] devoid of credibility. The publications by the defendant are of such poor quality that no respectable segment of the community reading the publications as a whole would ever take them seriously..." In Pilleri v. Viglione, Somerville District Court, No. 0810 CV 0625, Judge Gailey found several of Mr. Viglione’s publications "… false and defamatory utterances relating to Pilleri, and published with actual malice, with knowledge of their falsity and with utterly no regard for whether they were true or false." The Court also found Mr. Viglione’s publications directed against the Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. "… were false and defamatory … and published with actual malice, knowledge of their falsity and with utterly no regard for whether they were true of false."

The sad truth of the matter is, people often assume what they read online is true. In this instance, the Court decisions are a matter of public record and available for your review.

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